Garden House Kindergarten

Garden House Kindergarten位於:新界清水灣銀線灣道7號銀線灣商場地下 (Google地圖上查找)。

Garden House Kindergarten使命及抱負: Our focus is to provide an education that is developmentally appropriate, based on an understanding of the stages of a child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development which is the Head, Heart and Hands.

Garden House Kindergarten課程為非本地課程。

課程編排: Children learn about life by imitating what they see in their surroundings. In our school environment, we put in great care to embrace the children with many life-filled experiences. We believe teaching children academics and abstract thoughts too early forces them to use vital energy to think, rather than to grow and strengthen their bodies. Our program is designed to support the healthy development of young children by providing a wholesome environment that nurtures the physical, emotional, social and spiritual development of each child in preparation for primary school.

學習 ∕ 教學方式及活動: Practical activities such as art, singing, movement, indoor and outdoor freeplay and storytelling are the foundation of our curriculum with emphasis on the natural surroundings. .

Garden House Kindergarten有註冊課室4個,可容納學生90個,有戶外遊戲場地,有室內遊戲場地,沒有音樂室。
Garden House Kindergarten校長及教學人員共5人,其中持有學位者4人,持有幼兒教育證書或以上專業資格者4人。上午班師生比例為約1 : 14.4。
幼兒班上午班:32人,全年學費$75,000 (10期)。
高班上午班:14人,全年學費$75,000 (10期)。
Garden House Kindergarten有幼兒服務,收錄2-3歲級別兒童26人。半日全年收費$69,168。
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