York International Pre-School

York International Pre-School位於:九龍九龍塘施他佛道14號地下及1樓 (Google地圖上查找)。

York International Pre-School使命及抱負: To help Children be all they can be.

York International Pre-School課程為本地課程。

課程編排: We adopt a trilingual curriculum, emphasizing languages, mathematics and sciences. With a high teacher-to-student ratio, we are focused on educating the “whole child” in a global context.

學習 ∕ 教學方式及活動: We teach an integrated curriculum in a small-group setting, where children are encouraged to learn out-of-the-box and answer questions creatively. Our syllabus is founded on 3 things: 1)International focus: we take part regularly in global exchanges (e.g. “pen-pals”, cultural exchanges, etc.) 2)Strong curriculum: Our syllabus is benchmarked to U.S. and U.K. academic standards. 3)Activities: We partner with the University of Cambridge (videoconferencing) and the Golf Foundation (in-house golf program) to deliver unique learning experiences to our children.

學習評估: In-school appraisals take place bi-annually, but children also sit international tests like the 1)Cambridge YLE Tests (school avg. 87.8%), and 2)Junior English Tests (school avg. 96.1%).

York International Pre-School有註冊課室5個,可容納學生226個,有戶外遊戲場地。
York International Pre-School校長及教學人員共8人,其中持有學位者3人,持有幼兒教育證書或以上專業資格者8人。上午班師生比例為約1 : 13.8,下午班師生比例為約1 : 13.9。
低班上午班:110人,全年學費$87,996 (12期)。
高班下午班:111人,全年學費$87,996 (12期)。
York International Pre-School沒有幼兒服務。
2339 0728
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