How to calculate the MTR ticket fee

How to query or calculate the fee for one journey on MTR in Hong Kong? Are they any tips that save money when traveling on MTR. Say exchanging at certain station.

The Octopus Card Fare Chart can be downloaded from MTR’s website:

Or directly the PDF:

You can check the from->to station and find out the fee.

As far as I know, getting out and getting in back again (like exchange, but you actually do not change the line) in the Sheung Shui Station will save you some money when you travel from Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau to the city.

For example,

Lok Ma Chau -> Kowloon Tong: HK$ 33.5

Lok Ma Chau -> Sheung Shui: HK$ 21.0
Sheung Shui -> Kowloon Tong: HK$ 8.9
Save: HK$ 3.6
Not that much, but it indeed saves a little.