How to Go to the Hong Kong Airport from HKUST

I am at HKUST now and want to go the the airport of Hong Kong. How to go to the Hong Kong airport from HKUST?

Several options:

  1. By MTR. Take minibus 11 or bus 91M from the university to the Choi Hung. Take the Kwun Tong Line to the Prince Edward Station. Then take the Tsuen Wan Line to Lai King station. Then take the Tung Chung Line to Tung Chung. Then take the bus S1 to Terminal 1 from Tung Chung.

  2. Bt bus. Direct bus to the airport can sometimes be a better choice. From the university, take bus 91M to the Diamond Hill station. Get into the subway station (but do not take the train) and exit from the exit B of the station. There you can take bus E22/E22A to the airport.

  3. By the Airport Express Line (you still need to to the a station of the Airport Express line).

A version in Chinese:

  1. MTR. 從學校坐 11 or 91M 到彩虹再坐地鐵,到 彩虹 後乘坐 觀塘線 到 太子 轉 荃灣線,再到 荔景 轉 東涌線 至 東涌。從東涌出來坐S1到航站樓。

  2. 大巴。直達機場的大巴有時候是更好的選擇。從學校坐 91M 到 鑽石山,進地鐵站,從B出口出來,有 E22/E22A 可坐。

  3. 機場快線 (要先到機場快線沿途站)。