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3 Hong Kong GPRS/MMS Settings

To avoid using the data when I am roaming, I sometimes delete the GPRS and MMS from Three (3) Hong Kong. However, when I am back to Hong Kong, I need to enable them again but can’t find how to configure the GPRS/MMS for 3 Hong Kong. More badly, I have deleted the 3 access points and have no access to the Internet.

This post notes down the MMS/GPRS settings for 3 Hong Kong.

3 Hong Kong GPRS Setting

Account / Profile name3
Access point name [APN]mobile.three.com.hk
Connection typeHTTP

3 Hong Kong MMS Setting

Account / Profile name3 MMS
Access point name [APN]mobile.three.com.hk
Connection typeHTTP
Proxy address172.20.97.116 or mms.three.com.hk
Proxy port8799
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