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How to hike Maclehose Trail Section 9? How to go there and come back?

There is no transportation between Maclehose Trail Section 9 and Section 10. So you may choose to hike Section 9 and 10 together or hike Section 9 with part of the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail to Sham Tseng village as follows.

  • Reach the Tsuen Wan MTR station.
  • Take Bus 51 (note: the station is on the “roof” of the MTR station) from the Tsuen Wan MTR station and get off at the “Country Park” station to reach Tsuen Kam Au (荃錦坳).
  • Start Maclehose Trail Section 9. Reach “Tin Fu Tsai”.
  • After passing the “Tin Fu Tsai”, walk for a while and turn left at a crossroad where there is a emergency telephone nearby. Walk to the “Tsing Fai Tong Village (清快塘)” along the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail. Walk along the foot path and reach the Sham Tseng Village.
  • Take bus to Tsuen Wan MTR station.


Maclehose Trail Section 9 http://hkwalkers.net/eng/pdf/longtrail/mtrail/m09map.pdf

Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail: http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/healthy/hiking/graphics/map_large/A6_map.jpg

Some photos: http://www.ericzma.com/blog/4496/hiking-from-tsuen-kam-au-to-sham-tseng-along-maclehose-trail-section-9-and-yuen-tsuen-ancient-trail/

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